We are all one

Against violence against women and all forms of mistreatment and discrimination.

And for the development of all our human potential of love and happiness.

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Happy Women and Men

Men and women aspire equally to be happy in realizing our individual and human potential. Walking together in this purpose, adding strength, from our diversity and complementarity, is the objective towards which many of the human development activities of the foundation are oriented.


The desire for Happiness is the greatest aspiration and desire shared by all human beings. Knowledge of the dynamics of human relationships and their own emotional management are fundamental tools for this purpose, as well as for women and men to unite and meet to grow and
strengthen each other, with the full support and experience of professionals and collaborators of the foundation.

Strength and Sensitivity

So vital is to provide us with Force to overcome the challenges and competitiveness of the outside world, as Sensitivity to feel our union with others, in the fullness of love and happiness that we experience within us. And that is why we promote the integration of both values ​​for the full
development of the human being.

The woman is the protagonist of the greatest social revolution of our time. A better knowledge of the most genuine feminine potential and values ​​is essential for our human progress. With this goal of knowledge and self-knowledge, the foundation promotes all kinds of educational and informative activities.


We develop women's empowerment activities and defend the Rights of Women, connecting with each other for the same purpose of happiness.


Imagine what we can do many women together, and with the support of strong and sensitive men. Imagine that the world of women is full of new possibilities for everyone.

Women begins with W, but also with:

F for...


H for...


E for...

Emotional Management

C for...


E for...


F for...


H for...


N for...


P for...


M for...


The Inner Revolution

Everything that happens in the world and in our lives, for good or for evil, has been developed before in our minds and hearts. The feelings, emotions and thoughts that we hold in our interior, are reflected in the outside reality of the circumstances and situations we live in.


If we want a better world for all and more full and happy lives for ourselves, the key to achieving this is in the expansion of our Consciousness and knowledge, emotional abilities and social skills.


An authentic Inner Revolution in which we all now have the opportunity to participate. Well, in this way, we can overcome the challenges that, at the individual and collective level, pose the great social, technological and economic changes of our time.


The Inner Revolution that we promote from the Mujeres Felices Foundation has a dual objective of social progress and development of our full potential for personal power and happiness. The foundation promotes and carries out different activities, publications, workshops, forums and
events, with the participation of prominent professionals.

Join the Inner Revolution

If you are a private individual, professional or company and you have collaborative proposals to join the Interior Revolution, with the goal of happiness for all, write to us


Every human being is unique and different from all others, but we all share equally the same yearning for happiness.


What is happiness? What does it mean for each of us and how to get it? This is the question that we made to women and men, happy in our campaign, a thousand reasons to be happy, and these were their answers:

The Good Truck


Supporting entry of marginalized women into the workforce

Food trucks to sell immediately-consumable food and drinks.


For the self-employment of economically marginalized women, and especially women with children.


With the support of the City Councils, who have authorized us to use public spaces and have granted us the best locations possible within the municipality, for the self-employment of economically marginalized women.


We will give the women all of the psychological support and training necessary to become self-employed and manage their own food truck to earn an income for themselves and their children.

But it’s not just for them...

Sales models project a surplus of profits that Mujeres Felices Foundation will dedicate to helping other economically marginalized women:


In Spain:


Running training courses for their entrance into the workforce working for companies that are collaborating with the program.


Providing a social assistance fund, to promptly address urgent and extreme situations for these women and their children.


In Africa:


Funding more reparative surgeries for women in Burkina Faso.


Organizing microcredit programs to improve the conditions of women in Africa, providing means of survival.

Poverty in Spain

  • 25% of the almost 4 million people who are unemployed in Spain have been so for over 4 years.

  • Only half (1.904.689) receive any form of assistance.

  • 1,5 million Spanish households receive no income; no one in the household has a job.

  • 700.000 young people (46% of the total) between 16 and 25 years don’t have jobs

  • The OIT predicts that the unemployment rate and income inequality will continue to increase.

  • Almost 30% of the Spanish population lives in poverty, about 14 million people.

  • Some 300.000 families have been evicted since the beginning of the crisis. At least 30.000 of them are single mothers.

Women and children

are the most affected

The feminization of poverty is a prominent feature in the studies of poverty and social marginalization that have been done to date.


Women in situations of extended unemployment suffer worse social exclusion and marginalization than men.


Among this group, the situation is the worst for women with children and has grave repercussions for their children.


2,5 million children in Spain have a severe lack of resources and live in poverty (35% are younger than 16 years).

Spain is the third country in the ranking of child poverty in Europe


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