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Mujeres Felices Foundation creates and promotes the Forum on Women for the Third Millennium, an biannual event in which we bring together exceptional women to increase our understanding of topics that interest women of our time.




We understand happiness as the fullness that results when our most important needs and desires are satisfied, which we achieve through the growth of all of our individual and human potential.


The complete realization of our potential is the key to achieve the goal of our happiness. For women of our time, this realization includes:

  • Professional Development

  • Personal Growth

  • Social Engagement

Mujeres Felices Foundation promotes the Forum on Women for the Third Millennium as a space for reflections around these three levels of realization for the women of our time, with the aim of equipping us with knowledge and tools for our empowerment and happiness.

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Women for the Third Millennium

In the 20th century, we achieved the recognition of equal rights for women. In the 21st century, the start of the third millennium, our objective is to end inequality and any form of discrimination and violence against women.


Women are leading the greatest social revolution of our era. With our social integration came the highest levels of prosperity, happiness and freedom ever reached in the history of humanity. Therefore, the women's revolution - which propels social progress - must continue!


If you consider professional fulfillment for women important, on an equal basis with men.


If you believe that a balance between work, personal life and family life is necessary, considering that professional and personal fulfillment should be complementary to each other.


If social injustice upsets you and you feel committed to social causes to achieve a better and more just world for all.


You, too, are a woman of the Third Millennium.


If you are a man, and you identify with those same principles, you are a man of the Third Millennium.


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Women for the Third Millennium

The re-evaluation of the more feminine

side of our human nature is essential so that women and men can overcome the global threats and challenges that face humanity at the beginning of the third millennium.

In the Forum of Women for the Third Millennium that we celebrated on May 5 and 6, 2017 at the Caixa Forum Auditorium in Madrid, the women passed and shared the Declaration of the Women for the Third Millennium, in which they display the spirit and objectives of this movement, revolving around four main axes.


Ruth Jiménez, as the presenter of the event, and Arlet Puertas, representing women born in the new century and millennium, read the declaration.


Forum on Women for the Third Millennium

We are women, and we are happy to be women. We are proud of our feminine lineage and all that it represents. For millennia, men have wanted us to feel inferior, and guilty of all of humanity’s evils because of one sinful Eve. As a result of this perverse vision, generations of women have been discriminated against and subjected to violence and mistreatment of every kind, and this still occurs today. 


In this Forum on Women for the Third Millennium we want to proclaim that we are happy and proud to be women, strong and sensitive at the same time. In the last century, many brave women have made their voices heard, to claim rights and opportunities equal to those of men. They, and the men who support them, have led the biggest social revolution of our era. A new world was born, that brought us to once unimaginable levels of prosperity, liberty, and happiness. Now, as the economic and social crises and downturns put many of their achievements in danger, this women’s revolution must continue.



We are going to put an end to centuries of discrimination, mistreatment, and violence against women, and everything that originates in the social devaluing of the feminine in relation to the masculine.


We are legitimately proud to be women, of our female forebears and of all who have supported the construction of a better, more just, and more equitable world, one in which we all, women and men, can develop our human potential of power, freedom, and happines



We are determined to protect the rights of girls throughout the world, so that they can have access to education and so that they are not forced to marry nor subject to aberrant practices such as female genital mutilation.


We will do everything in our power to teach our daughters and sons the principles of equality and complementarity between women and men, and we will do everything we can to put an end to the injustices and abuse facing girls worldwide.



The pay gap, the glass ceiling, and the workplace harassment of mothers are some of the injustices that limit the development of our potential, as women and as human beings. For us, professional achievement gains meaning when it is personally fulfilling as well, so both are equally necessary for our complete fulfillment, and we are not willing to give up any of them, nor our economic autonomy nor our personal freedom.


So, we join forces to finish the unfinished work of gaining equal rights and opportunities for women, always supporting each other, for the achievement of this fundamental objective.



Social injustice, poverty, conflicts, and wars hurt us, as they are incomprehensible when our planet offers us sufficient resources for us all and we have the knowledge and technology necessary to prevent any human being from being hungry or suffering from deficiencies of resources crucial to their survival and development.


The feminine essence is transmitted through life, and through it, our natural tendency is

to be caregivers of ourselves, our family, society, and Mother Earth. But, in the achievement of these objectives, we cannot be, nor do we want to be, alone, so we appeal to the sensitivity of men to join us to work toward a peaceful world among human beings and on our planet. Together, we will achieve it.


So, we raise our voices together to demonstrate our willpower and determination, declaring before the world that:


We are all one


Against any form of discrimination or mistreatment, for the protection of girls and boys, for equal rights and equal opportunities, for social justice, peace, and care, and respect toward all forms of life on this planet.


We are all one

At the W3M Forum, the Women’s Portal presents the W3M Women’s Awards to exceptional women who embody the values of women of our era, professional and personal, strong and sensitive. These are women who inspire us because of their social engagement and their outstanding achievements toward a better world for us all, to which they lend all of their personal and professional talent.

W3M Forum We are all one

The Forum on Women for the Third Millennium was created as a space for reflection and emotion, around big topics related to women and our society today.


What does it mean to be a woman in the Third Millennium?


This is the question we propose for the W3M Forum.


In an ever-changing, ever-evolving world, women have been and will continue to be the protagonists in the biggest social revolution of our time. 


In relationships. Between the model of the woman who no longer exists and that of a man who has not yet arrived.


In family. Of a unique model of diversity.


In professional fulfillment. In equal opportunities and reconciliation with personal and family life.


In facing the challenges of our time. For peace and humanization in our world, in the balance between strength and sensitivity, talent and happiness.


"Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideas."

Emma Watson, British actress, model, and philanthropist

A forum dedicated to the WOMEN OF OUR TIME

With nationally- and internationally-renowned speakers


Videos for a better visual impact of the topics


Onstage interviews

Direct connections with Influencers in different places in the world

Presented by RUTH JIMÉNEZ


We celebrate the GALA OF THE W3M’s WOMEN’S AWARDS


And the testimony of our HEROINES

Strong and brave women who have been examples of excellence for all.

We are all one

Against violence against women and all forms of mistreatment and discrimination.

The net income of the W3M Forum will be dedicated to the fight against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation in Burkina Faso, Africa, through awareness campaigns and reparative surgeries for the girls and women who have been victims of FGM.



Mujeres Felices Foundation is the event promoter. The Forum on Women for the Third Millennium was created for the defense of women’s rights and the protection of their role in society faced with the challenges of the new millennium.


In defense of women’s rights we offer legal and psychological support to victims of discrimination, mistreatment, or violence in Spain. In Africa, we are developing a project fighting against the practice of FGM - Female Genital Mutilation, that includes awareness campaigns and reparative surgeries for the victims.


For female empowerment, the foundation runs multiple activities, events, conferences, and workshops, as well as releases studies and publications.



enfemenino is the Media Partner of Women for the Third Millennium and the W3M Forum. It is a leader in Spain in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, with a 43% share and 5 million individual users, and has reached 20 million users including those in Latin America.


The commitment and involvement of enfemenino with the W3M Forum and its social objectives, includes giving awards to outstanding individuals and entities in each of the categories, each related to women’s empowerment and the defense of women’s rights.