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Mujeres Felices Manifest

We are women willing to take a step forward, a step beyond what other women who fought to achieve the recognition and equality of rights that we enjoy today. The definitive step of the exaltation of the most genuinely feminine values ​​of love, sensitivity and feelings that nourish our inner world, until now relegated to the background before the more masculine interests of logic, technology, competition and struggle by the power.


The feminine and masculine principles and values ​​are not exclusive of each sex, but shared by men and women. Being that there are males who, by their strength unite an exquisite sensibility, in the same way that there are women who, without renouncing their feminine sensibility, endow themselves with a strength and drive that allows them to compete and triumph in lands traditionally dominated by men, like those of economics and finance, politics or technology.


From the most remote antiquity we have identified these two forces, Yin and Yang as opposed and complementary to each other, in constant interaction. When they are in balance they manifest as forces of creation and harmony, but when they fall into imbalance, those same forces can be of conflict and destruction. In the life of a couple we see how this is so, when each sex brings the best of itself to complement the other, engendering life and cultivating love, and we all know what happens when this is not the case. As also history shows that the prosperity and progress of human society grows when women are allowed to contribute with their values ​​to enrich civilization. So, this is the way, the balance between the feminine and masculine principles that exist in us.


To our feminine eyes it hurts to see so much pain and useless suffering in the world and we feel that this is so because of the imbalance currently existing between masculine and feminine essences and values, also reflected in the overwhelming majority of males in all centers of power political, social and economic throughout the world. Well, although both principles are present in all of us, it is clear that masculine Yang principles prevail more in men as feminine Yin in women.


So far the history has been written by men, so it should not surprise us that 99% of historical figures are male. An essentially masculine world of warriors fighting for power, as well as scientific discoverers and inventors of machines and technology, most of the time put at the service of a history of wars, death and useless suffering that seems to have no end. This is how we find ourselves, in the 21st century, with the injustice and absurdity of a human society that has all the resources, knowledge and technology necessary to put an end to hunger in the world and to ensure basic needs in health or education for all children and their families, but who continue to devote their energies to war and the power struggles of each other, while children are still starving or dying from easily preventable diseases and our economy is increasingly dehumanized, in the hands of a few fools whose insatiable greed and eagerness for power are destroying the world.


We, the women, say it’s enough! Enough of injustice and useless suffering, of so much greed, materialism and individualism that are dehumanizing our society. Let's put economics and technology at the service of the human being, as it should be, to free ourselves and develop the full potential of human power and happiness that is in us. We have a pending revolution, but this is not going to be a revolution like the previous ones, made by blood and fire to overthrow some tyrants and replace them with others equally dominated by their Ego like the previous ones and back again. This is going to be a different revolution, in which nobody has to seek to dominate others or pretend to be more than others, but only to achieve the personal goal of developing all their potential for power and happiness, to contribute to the enrichment and harmony of its own social environment and the whole society. Therefore, we are going to promote an authentic Inner Revolution, so that the change for the better of each one of us is reflected in an increasingly peaceful and humanized world.


The feminine force is essentially creative, welcoming and nurturing, like our Mother Earth. The same one that gave us life on this planet and protects us with its mantle from the strength of the Sun's rays, allowing only its light and heat to reach. The Mother Earth that each year gives us the infinite harvests that feeds de human kind. And, while our crazed consumerist society mistreats her by destroying the natural resources of this planet, she continues to give us the best of herself, with love and generosity. As women have always done, enduring throughout history all kinds of violence and marginalization, without neglecting to nourish and give love to our husbands and children.


Assuming that we are different, to the recognition that masculine or feminine values ​​prevail in men and women, is a first step. Recognizing complementarity and the need for balance between the two is a fundamental second step. Admit that the current imbalance by the dominance of the masculine over the feminine is at the origin of almost all our problems is the third and final step necessary to solve them.


What would happen if we all began to act guided by love and good will towards others? Most of our problems would solve themselves. There would be no more wars, no power struggles or exploitation of human beings over others. With the knowledge and technology that we currently have, all human beings could have covered our basic needs of nutrition, health, education and housing. The decision is ours, it is enough to take the path of love, instead of struggle, greed and ambition, orienting the economy and technology in our favor, that of a more sensitive and humanized society, which also means more civilized and balanced between feminine and masculine values.

Well, as has always been said, behind every great man there was always a great woman supporting him in everything. But it is time that all that mathematical logic, talent and masculine capacities are placed at the service of love, feelings and feminine sensitivity that humanizes us. Beginning because men learn to cultivate their sensitivity, without losing their strength and virility. As we must assume our strength, but without imitating models of masculinity, but developing the full potential of our feminine essence.


Because, at this crucial stage in the history of humanity, we must take a step forward, for the revaluation of the female force in complementarity and completeness with the masculine. So, surely, from now on, history will also be written with the names of women, great women supported by men equally large in strength and sensitivity.


What the world needs now is a greater balance between the sensitivity and feelings of the inner world of our Being with technology and the macroeconomics of the outside world, so that we can all move forward, instead of remaining stuck in the current crisis of a system already outdated, we have already seen what it can give us in the form of wars, injustice, exploitation and cruelty.


This is also a feminine movement different from others of the past, to leave behind the victimization of other times, such as the equalization of already conquered rights or the imitation of masculine patterns to succeed, because our success has to go through the development and realization of our feminine potential, the essence of our femininity. As we also reject any feminine radicalism of antagonism and confrontation with men. We love them, as we have always loved them, as mothers who have gestated them in our wombs and breast-fed them with the milk of our breasts, just as we have loved and welcomed them as husbands and lovers in our bed of love.


Neither have we been perfect, so we have to be aware of our own mistakes and weaknesses, such as when we have fallen into the trap of the cult of physical beauty over other qualities, in the destructive criticism towards other women and towards men. Or in the senseless consumerism, without realizing that all this was nothing but a substitute for our true and deepest need to love and be loved. Assuming that we are all beautiful, and that the challenge is to be every day more beautiful, inside and out, in appearance and in the fullness of happy and fulfilled women.


We are women willing to take this step forward, also inviting all men to be open to this call for the awakening of our human sensibility, which will lead us to cultivate the best of ourselves, for our own good and that of the the rest. Without forgetting the millions of women who still live subjected to abuse and discrimination in our society and to whom we also intend to help so that they can overcome their situation and advance in the development of their feminine potential and happiness.


Our mission is the restoration of order and the natural balance between the feminine and masculine principles of our human nature, allowing the outcrop of an authentically human society and civilization. To this end, we call on all women to join and gather around the world in circles of love, trust and mutual support that allow them to cultivate the best of themselves for their own happiness, that of their loved ones and in the service of the Mother Earth and humanity.