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The Team of Happy Women and Men

Emma Jiménez

Founder and President

Founder of the Mujeres Felices Foundation, she considers the role of women in social
advancement fundamental, from the feminine impulse for a better world. In her opinion, only from a greater balance between the masculine and feminine principles, of strength and sensitivity, present in all women and men, we will develop our full potential of human power
and happiness. An authentic inner revolution for the expansion of our conscience, of which she is an example in her personal and professional activity.


Her commitment in the defense of women's rights, for her empowerment and contribution to social progress, led her to promote the NGO BIBIR AFRICA for the fight against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation in Burkina Faso, where she facilitates reconstructive surgery at the victims and carries out multiple awareness campaigns in the villages.


Rafael Puertas


To unite the Heaven of Dreams with the Land of Acts is your motto. As the founder of Intervida and more than 40 organizations and social enterprises of international cooperation throughout the world, he was able to realize the dreams of a better life for millions of human beings, in health, education, production, training and social infrastructure projects.


Based on the experience acquired, she recognized the indisputable importance of women for the economic, cultural and social development of the peoples. With the aim of contributing to the empowerment of women, she promoted the birth and development of the Mujeres Felices

Ramón Pérez-Lucena

Lawyer of the Foundation

Lawyer and Doctor in Law. Specialized in foundations and non-profit organizations. During his years as a resident in Italy he managed Swiss and American foundations. For his personal and professional values actively participate in promoting the social purposes of the foundation.

Omar Reyes

Image and Graphic Design

Our graphic designer is the creator of the image of Mujeres Felices, in the thousand and one ways in which you can see it represented. From this website, Women of the Third Millennium Bibir Africa The Good Truck or the infinity of campaigns, posters, triptychs or dossiers, as well as the videos that you can see on our YouTube channel.

Its delivery and ability to multitask and work in all kinds of formats makes it possible, day by day, to disseminate images and messages about the rights and

empowerment of women throughout society.

Mireia Ruiz

Legal area

Our legal advisor for women is a practicing lawyer for more than 15 years, a specialist in family law and gender violence. Lawyer of heart, feeling and vocation. She is a woman who is a fighter, entrepreneur, firm and committed to the causes that she considers fair and, in a very special way, in the defense of women's rights.

She is a regular contributor to the media, where she offers help and advice to people who, otherwise, could not afford to pay for consultations in private law firms.

Mireia Muñoz

Psychology Area

Responsible for providing psychological support to women in different personal circumstances at Fundación Mujeres Felices. Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, with a master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and a master's degree in Clinical Sexuality
and Sexual Health. She conveys to those who know her the passion for her profession, which 
has attracted the attention of different media, such as Cadena SER, Radio Sabadell, Catalunya Radio or TV3, of which she is a regular contributor.

It's mission is to accompany each person and provide all those tools and guidelines you need, to achieve greater self -confidence and self-esteem in itself, from an integrating psycho-corporeal-emotional vision, which includes the mind, emotions and the body. In order to resolve conflicts and obtain a welfare state.

Abdou Wahabo Ouedraogo

Director West Africa

He is our Director of Operations in West Africa. A man always ready to defend the rights of women in the most difficult situations in a continent in which inequalities and violations of their rights are flagrant. Director of Bibir Africa, our sister organization in Burkina Faso, whose indefatigable work we know since 2003, when we started projects in that country.


In the fight against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation, it has saved thousands of girls from mutilation and facilitated reparative surgery for more than 150 victims of FGM. Great challenges require great men, like Wahabo, to make them come true. Thanks Wahabo!

Ratna Musgrave

Indian Director

An exceptional country, like India, required an exceptional woman to take over the direction of the Happy Women's Foundation projects there.

Ratna is an authentic community leader. Women come to her to ask for help or advice before all kinds of situations of hardship or abuse. Ratna always finds time to support them, brokering family issues or defending their cause before the police and judicial authorities.

She herself is a woman who had to overcome situations of abuse and helplessness, which she was able to overcome thanks to an extraordinary combination of strength and sensitivity.

About Us

We are women and men committed to the development of our human potential of strength and sensibility. We care about love, feelings and sensitivity that allow us to feel happy and fulfilled.

Happiness is a desire shared by all human beings and an objective that is within our reach from self-knowledge, mutual respect and the development of our human potential, individually andcollectively.


Fundación Mujeres Felices drives actions and initiatives in defense of the rights of women, for their empowerment and happiness, and in favor of social advancement


  • Empowerment of women for the development of our feminine potential of strength and sensitivity, with activities and courses for professional and personal development.


  • Forums, at national and international level, in which we call women and men who are examples for all, to debate, learn and develop actions in all matters that affect and interest the woman of our time.


  • Defense of Women's Rights. Actions and campaigns against all forms of violence, abuse or discrimination against women.


  • We promote the Inner Revolution for women and men to develop their full potential of personal power and happiness, offering knowledge and tools through courses, workshops, publications and conferences.


  • Employment insertion of women in social exclusion.


Strength and Sensibility is our motto, referring to male and female principles, that we must balance, in the current model of society, technologically developed, but humanly underdeveloped. Two different worlds, external and competitive, and internally and lovingly, masculine or feminine, that have coexisted throughout our history, but in which the first one has imposed its dominion over the second, with the consequences that we all know of inequality and social injustice


The feminine and masculine principles and values ​​are not exclusive to each sex, but shared by men and women. Being like this, there are men who, in their strength, unite an exquisite sensibility, just as there are women who, without renouncing their feminine sensitivity, give themselves a force and drive that allows them to compete and succeed in spaces traditionally dominated by men such as those of economics and finance, politics or technology.


Women starred in the greatest social revolution of our Era. With our social integration our society has reached the highest levels of prosperity, happiness and freedom never before achieved in the history of humanity. Therefore, the women's revolution, promoting social progress, must continue! Well, just like this, we can overcome the deep social, ethical, political, economic and environmental crisis in which we are, developing all our human potential for power and happiness in a much better and fairer and more egalitarian world.


What do we do?

We advocate for women’s empowerment and work to defend women’s rights.

Defense of women’s rights.

We offer psychological and legal support to women who have been subjected to abuse and different forms of discrimination.

Women’s empowerment.

We organize conferences, courses, and workshops for skill development, as well as to provide women with tools of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Fight against FGM - Female Genital Mutilation.

Every day, thousands of girls are mutilated. We conduct awareness campaigns in the villages of the Yatenga region, in Burkina Faso, Africa, so that families stop mutilating their daughters. We also make it easier for women and girls who suffer physically and psychologically as a result of FGM to access reparative surgery.

Forum on Women for the Third Millennium.

We hold international meetings for women to discuss issues relevant to our personal and professional fulfillment.

FLabor insertion of women in social exclusion.

We deliver Food Trucks to women in social exclusion, to generate income for them and their children. We promote training courses for the labor insertion of women living in poverty.

Defending women’s rights is a priority for the Mujeres Felices Foundation, in the following areas:

Equality of opportunities and against any form of discrimination against women.


The feminization of poverty


Violence against women.


The eradication of female genital mutilation.

The right to a balance between work and family life.


Workplace harassment of mothers.


Labor insertion of women in social exclusion


Prevention of beauty standards that threaten women’s health.

The pay gap between women and men is 24% in Spain



1 out of every 3 women in the world has suffered some form of domestic violence



The lack of balance between work and family life affects women to a greater extent and, above all, the 90% of single-parent families which are under the direct responsibility of the mother



The attack on maternity or workplace harassment of mothers is a new form of violating women’s rights.



The excessive workload of working women includes the fact that women spend 4 times as much time on housework than their partners



Every day, 6000 girls are subjected to the practice of female genital mutilation


Mujeres Felices Foundation was founded by Emma Jimenez and her husband, Rafael Puertas. Based on experiences from their personal and professional lives, they were particularly aware of the causes and consequences of inequality between women and men, in Spain and in countries around the world. With the understanding that the devaluation of the feminine in relation to the masculine is the origin of the different forms of discrimination and mistreatment that women face, they decided to create a new organization, dedicated to the defense of women’s rights and female empowerment, starting with an appreciation of what is feminine. Those ideas, reflected in the Manifesto of Mujeres Felices, have been realized in the different projects created and implemented by the foundation on behalf of thousands of women in Spain and in the world.


MUJERES FELICES FOUNDATION is registered as a foundation with the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture as number 848 and with CIF G-649916810.


The social objectives of the foundation are:


  • To foster the contribution of feminine values and sensitivity in all levels of activity in our society, creating a better equilibrium between and integration of masculine and feminine principles present in our civilization.


  • To empower women as agents of social change towards a better, more just, equitable, and peaceful world.


  • To support the creation of networks that foster trust in and mutual support for our common task of working to be better people each day.


  • To equip women with knowledge and skills for personal improvement in all aspects and for a full and happy life.


  • To train women in skills and strategies of economic entrepreneurship.


  • To encourage men to develop emotions and sensitivity, therefore achieving more balance and happiness in their own lives.


  • To provide help and support to women who, at an individual or collective level, are victims of discrimination, hardship, or mistreatment of any kind.


  • To protect the ecosystems of the Earth, generating, spreading, and establishing strategies of integration, sustainability, and respect toward nature, so that future generations can enjoy it as well.

  • To ensure the protection, the respect, and the proper understanding of the natural physical and physiological capacities of women in various stages of their lives.