Strength and Sensitivity

WE ARE women and men committed to the development of our potential of strength and sensitivity, to support each other and grow together on the same path of human progress and material prosperity.

We drive actions and initiatives in defense of women’s rights, for female empowerment, and in support of female social advancement.

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I am happy to be a woman

Women's Liberation

Women's liberation has been the greatest social revolution of our time and the one that has driven progress and prosperity in modern society.

In Mujeres Felices Foundation we defend our rights and women's liberation in Spain and in the world.

Brave women are starting the women's liberation movement in Africa, to end so many abuses and suffering.

We support them, and you can do it too, becoming the godmother of our projects for women in Senegal and Burkina Faso:

Ending the practice of FGM - genital mutilation of girls

Facilitating surgery for FGM victims with serious sequels

Getting women to marry whenever they want and with whom they want, instead of being forced to marry against their will and at an early age

Delivering orchards to women, which allow them to improve their children's diet, earn their own income and improve their self-esteem

Become a godmother of our women's projects!

Your generosity with them is a gift for all women.

For only 12€ per month

(only 3€ after IRPF return)

FGM Project

Against violence against women and all forms of mistreatment or discrimination.

the good truck logo 2.png

The Good Truck


entry into the workforce of and support for economically marginalized women

We prioritize women with children, supplying a food truck and the training necessary to create a source of income for the women and their families, when combined with the city council’s social services.

The Happiness Revolution

Now more than ever, we need a big change. A radical and revolutionary change that allows us to enjoy a fuller and happier life.


And you must know that this change has already begun, with the Revolution of Happiness, with the awakening of interest in happiness and the new knowledge that positive psychology and emotional education provide us. And what we have discovered is that we have the power to improve and change our lives.


Together, we can even change the world. But first, we must change and improve ourselves and our lives, at the individual level. Being better and happier, and making others happy, in a couple, in a family, and in our work and social environments.


If you want, we can help you get it.

Will you join the revolution?

Social action in business

Mujeres Felices Foundation is part of the ForSocial and Solidarity Payroll platforms which offer companies collaboration formulas with social organizations and causes:


  • No extra cost, meanings savings for businesses

  • Tax deductions

  • Corporate image of companies with high social commitment

  • Highly motivating for staff on the payroll 

These forms of collaboration are:

  • Nómina Solidaria - Rounding of payroll cents


  • ForSocial - Courses and workshops

For your health and that of all women

Gynecological health of women is one of our main lines of action. Conscious of the benefits that the menstrual cup for your health and the planet, we have selected for you...

Eureka!Cup The only drainable cup in the world.

Healthy: It protects you inside. Non-drying or release fibers or toxic substances.

Ecological: Take care of the environment. A Eureka! Cup is equivalent to 1,800 tampons.

Economic: Save thousands of euros in tampons and pads.

And now, too...

Solidarity: For every cup sold, a woman in Senegal and Burkina Faso, will benefit from our gynecological health programs

Enter the code FELICES on the web of sensual intim, get your discount and help our programs for women.

Solidarity showroom

We organize Solidarity Showrooms with fashion garments, shoes, accessories and cosmetics donated by socially committed companies that we give free to young mothers in social exclusion, in collaboration with Maternity Project, to contribute to improving their self-esteem and self-image for job interviews.

Women for the Third Millennium

Mujeres Felices Foundation promotes the Forum on Women for the Third Millennium, an biannual event in which we bring together exceptional women to speak about issues that interest women today.



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